Who we are:

  • The International German-Chinese Belt & Road Alliance (IDCA) is a registered business association that is particularly aimed at internationally active companies and institutions.
  •  Above all, it aims to take up and actively participate in shaping the opportunities and challenges of the multilateral “Belt & Road Initiative” (BRI) with currently 68 participating countries.
  • Additionally the IDCA is focused on the programs „China 2025“ and „Industry 4.0“ in many different sectors of economy to find approaches for business opportunities.




  • IDCA is the only business association that proactively works on the development of the Belt & Road Initiative as well as the China 2025 and Industry 4.0 programs with China and the other cooperating countries in order to make them usable for its members over the long term.
  • It consists essentially of German and Chinese members, but welcomes members from third countries who wish to participate in the economic development of the Belt & Road Initiative. IDCA also values a mix of ecperienced business personalities and young professionals to bring together expertise and inventiveness.
  • With its orientation and focus, it pioneers new, future-oriented paths with a broad spectrum of knowledge transfer and activities