Background and starting point of BRI

  • The „One Belt – One Road Initiative“ (OBOR) proclaimed by China in 2013, also known as the „Belt & Road Initiative“ (BRI) or „New Silk Road“, is the largest transnational infrastructure and economic project in history. It includes six corridors by land and the “Maritime Silk Road of the 21st Century”, which should link Europe, Asia and Africa infrastructurally closer, and also create new economic and free trade areas.
  • The so far 68 participating countries represent over 60% of the world’s population, nearly 40% of global GDP and more than 25% of global trade. The total investment is expected by 2040 about 21 trillion US $.
  • The importance of the BRI is considered by international experts to be very high, but is not fully understood in Europe yet, as there is still little transparency, communication and competence. Therefore, there is a need for targeted information, initiatives and contacts to create a basis for successful economic engagement. IDCA will actively contribute to this.